Pete McCann, Without Question MCCANNIC MUSIC 1002
Pete McCann, Pay For It On The Other Side MCCANNIC MUSIC 1001
Pete McCann, Range  WHIRLWIND RECORDINGS 4675 
Pete McCann, Extra Mile  NINETEEN-EIGHT RECORDS 1010 
Pete McCann, Most Folks  OMNITONE RECORDS 15213 
Pete McCann, Parable  PALMETTO RECORDS PM2041 
Pete McCann, You Remind Me of Someone  PALMETTO RECORDS PM2066 

co-led projects 
Nick Fryer/Pete McCann, Duo  BAND CAMP 
Palmetto Allstars, The Other Side of Ellington  PALMETTO RECORDS PM2051 

with others 
Aaron Irwin, A Room Forever  
Anthony Branker, Beauty Within ORIGIN RECORDS
Anthony Branker & Imagine, What Place Can Be For Us? ORIGIN RECORDS 
Andy Parsons, A Whole Nother Story SONS OF SOUND 
Bill Stevens, Lema Sabachthani  
Bruce Torff, Down The Line SUMMIT RECORDS 
Bruce Torff, Look Again SUMMIT RECORDS 
Charles Pillow, In This World SUMMIT RECORDS 
Chris Tarry, Rest Of The Story NINETEEN-EIGHT RECORDS 
Chris Tarry, Live At The Birds Eye NINETEEN-EIGHT RECORDS 
Chris Tarry, Almost Certainly Dreaming NINETEEN-EIGHT RECORDS 
Chris Tarry, Sorry To Be Strange CELLAR JAZZ
Christopher Zuar, Exuberance SUNNYSIDE RECORDS 
Christopher Zuar, Musings SUNNYSIDE RECORDS
Dan Pugach, Bianca 
Dan Willis, The Monk Project BELLE AVENUE RECORDS  
Dan Willis, The Satie Project II DAYWOOD DRIVE RECORDS 1014 
Dan Willis, The Satie Project DAYWOOD DRIVE RECORDS 1001 
Dan Willis, Velvet Gentlemen OMNITONE RECORDS 15216 
Dan Willis, Hand to Mouth A RECORDS AL73210 
Dave Pietro, Embrace - Impressions of Brazil A RECORDS AL73242 
Dave Pietro, Standard Wonder (The Music of Stevie Wonder) A RECORDS AL73212 
Dave Pietro, Now Becoming Then A RECORDS AL73178 
David Hines, Inner Duality SPICE RACK RECORDS 
Earl MacDonald, Re:Visions DEATH DEFYING RECORDS 
East 4th Horns, T.V. Jazz SUBCONSCIOUS LABEL SUB-1012 
East Down Septet, Channel Surfing HEP RECORDS 2069 
East Down Septet, Out of Gridlock HEP RECORDS 2063 
Ed Ware, Tree EW7240 
Emmanuelle Somer, The Apple Tree LYRAE RECORDS LY 98016-C 
Emmanuelle Somer, Search for Peace ES02
Eric Person, Blue Vision 
Erwin Vann, Worlds J.A.S RECORDS 
ES2 Erick Storckman/Eliot Smith, Algorhythms TWIN RIVERS RECORDS 
George Schuller, Round 'Bout Now PLAYSCAPE RECORDINGS J021302 
Glenn Makos, Houston Street STOP TIME RECORDS 
Grace Kelly, Trying To Figure It Out PAZZ 
Grace Kelly, Live At Scullers PAZZ 19-12 
Heather Bennett, Reflections On Red APRIA RECORDS 
Heather Bennett, Lazy Afternoon SUMMIT RECORDS
Jacob Varmus, Aegean CROWS' KIN RECORDS 
JD Walter, Live At The 55 Bar JWAL RECORDS 
Jerry Vivino, Walkin' With The Wazmo ZOHO RECORDS ZM200607 
Jim Hartog, Time and the City PLANET X RECORDS 010 
Joe Fiedler, Like, Strange MULTIPHONICS MUSIC
Joe Fiedler, Will Be Fire MULTIPHONICS MUSIC  
Joe Traina Dectet, Ten By Eleven JOE TRAINA MUSIC 
Joe Traina, Only in New York FILIGREE RECORDS JTQ9801
Joel Harrison, Guitar Talk, AGS RECORDINGS 
John Arnold and Black Market, Opium 
Ken Serio, Live..In The Moment TRIPPING TREE 71562 
Ken Serio, Eye to Eye CD 1178 
Lindsey Horner, Don't Count On Glory CADENCE JAZZ RECORDS CJR1188 
Mahavishnu Project, Phase 2 AGGREGATE MUSIC AGCD003 
Mahavishnu Project, Live Bootleg AGGREGATE MUSIC AGCD002 
Matt Wilson, Going Once, Going Twice PALMETTO RECORDS PM2032
Migiwa Miyajima, Colorful ARTISTSHARE 
New York Nonet, Tunnel Vision SHORT NOTICE RECORDS 
New York Nonet, So You Say A RECORDS AL73175 
New York Nonet, Bullet Trane SHORT NOTICE RECORDS 
Nick Bisesi, Free Time HALLWAY RECORDS 9708 
Pete Mills, Sweet Shadow CELLAR LIVE  
Pete Mills, Fresh Spin CHICKEN COUP RECORDS 7009 
Pete Mills, Art & Architecture SUMMIT RECORDS 393 
Roland Vazquez, The Visitor  
Spin Cycle, Assorted Colors SOUND FOOTING RECORDS  
Steve Williams, Jazz Nation OA2 RECORDS 22091 
The Other Quartet, Sound Stains KNITTING FACTORY RECORDS KFW297 
Tom Varner, Second Communion OMNITONE RECORDS 12102 
Tom Varner, Swimming OMNITONE RECORDS 11903 
Tom Varner, The Window Up Above NEW WORLD RECORDS 80552-2 
Tom Varner, Martian Heartache SOUL NOTE RECORDS 121286-2 
Tony Kadleck, Around The Horn
Tony Kadleck Big Band, Sides  ALTERNATE SIDE RECORDS
Walter Fischbacher, Journey To Turtleland LOFISH MUSIC 

with singer-songwriters 
Aimee Allen, Winters & Mays AZULINE MUSIC 
Alison Wedding, This Dance GROUND UP MUSIC 
Anika Larsen, Sing You To Sleep YELLOW SOUND LABEL
Bianca Wu, Moments LMC MUSIC 
Bianca Wu, The Fifth Season LMC MUSIC 
Bianca Wu, Jazz Them Up Once More LMC MUSIC 
Blair Casdin, Cheek to Cheek  
Celia La, Introducing Celia La  
Curtis Stigers, I Think It's Going To Rain Today CONCORD CCD-2275-2 
Elizabeth Lohninger, Eleven Promises JAZZ SICK RECORDS 
Heather Bennett, Lazy Afternoon SUMMIT RECORDS 
Henry Dee, Breaking Through  
Hind, Halfway Home SONY BMG 
Jeremiah James, Tupulo YELLOW SOUND LABEL 
Jocelyn Medina, Common Ground RUNNING TREE RECORDS  
Larissa Shahmatova, Truth Drugs SOUND CLOUD 
Leslie Odom Jr., Leslie Odom Jr. BMG RECORDS 
Lindsey Horner/Susan McKeown, Through the Frost and Bitter Snow PRIME CD PCD-36 
Melissa Stylianou, Silent Movie ANZIC RECORDS 
Polar Levine, Yankin' the Food Chain POLARITY/1 RECORDS 
Sabine Fiegl, Today's A Good Day SUISA 27030202  
Sarah Lynch, Haunted Heart  
Steve Doyle, Home To You  
Tamara, A Little Space Left  
Tracy Kash, Some Strong Potion 
William Brister, The Journey AGAPE MUSIC WORKS AMWB0700 

Bluth, Bluth GARBANZOBEAN GBR-0222  
Polar Levine, Speechless POLARITY/1 RECORDS