Pay For It On The Other Side

"Veteran Pete McCann summons monstrous chops, while revealing a few iconic influences along the way on his versatile Pay For It On The Other Side."
- Bill Milkowski, DownBeat Magazine (4.5 Stars) 

"Guitarist Pete McCann has been heralded as a convincing voice of the contemporary jazz guitar world, showing skills to combine hard rock, blues, and post-bop in a legitimate manner."
- Jazz Trail 

"McCann, who has been an interesting composer and improviser at least since his debut album 20 years ago, brings deep curiosity and abiding focus to this session..."

"The ten McCann originals on his new recording display his disparate influences as well as his unique voice..."
- Hot House 


"McCann has such command of his instrument that he can go deep in any setting..." 
- DownBeat Magazine (4.5 Stars) 

"This is the fifth album as leader by NYC-based guitarist Pete McCann and demonstrates just what heights the jazz guitar is capable of reaching when placed in the hands of an expert who understands the meaning of balance and finesse." 
- Roger Farbey, All About Jazz 

"Deft and clever, the title reflects well the width and breath of this creative guitarist and composer" 
- George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly 

"Range maintains a real buzz through it's vibrancy and impressive musicality, and is thoroughly recommendable." 
- Adrian Pallant, London Jazz News 

"Not an album to pigeonhole, it's an album for today but with many different facets: Gentle ethereal sounds; hard postbop and some wild jazz rock blasts." 
- Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here 

"Living up to its title, Range makes a compelling case for McCann's manifold abilities, as a crack improviser, a noteworthy composer and a magnanimous bandleader." 
- Troy Collins, All About Jazz 

"It's a cool effect switching from cerebral, passive engagement to supercharged emotional connectivity." 
- Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

Extra Mile

"Mr. McCann is a guitarist with appealingly eclectic tastes, ranging from classically derived acoustic music to a strain of contemporary fusion." 
- New York Times 

"...the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, native continues to make strong personal statements with his sophisticated harmonic sensibility, blistering chops and improvisational daring." 
- Guitar Player magazine 

"Rock 'n' roll shredding helps pour the concrete for some jazz architecture on the guitarist's new Extra Mile, and it's nice to hear the two working in cahoots." 

"Pete McCann may try to fly under the radar, but his powers 
as a superhero guitarist are certainly revealed on this exceptional album." 

"McCann explores a wide range of six-string expression with authority." 
- Jazztimes magazine

Most Folks

"The opening set went smoothly until the final number, "JM," 
when McCann launched into a turbocharged, fret-melting solo 
that raised the roof and brought down the house." 
- www.allaboutjazz 

"This talented, multi-faceted group deserves wider attention." 
- Jazzwise magazine 

"His clean, round tone stands comfortably alongside off-kilter 
melodies and dissonant shredded chords on his new CD, Most Folks (Omnitone Records)." 
- New York Press 

"'Most Folks' blend of influences feels completely natural." 
- Guitar One magazine 

"...(T)he latest, Most Folks (Omnitone), shows the Wisconsin native's open-mindedness. On both electric and acoustic guitars, the guitarist blends jazz, rock, and Latin music influences...." 
- Jazziz magazine 

"This and virtually every tune offered during the performance revealed McCann to be a song writer of considerable gifts." - Portland Herald Press

You Remind Me Of Someone

"Along with fine playing and breadth, McCann has an underlying artistry...." 
- Jazztimes magazine 

Best jazz albums of 2000 
"Pete McCann is one very cool New York jazz guitarist. And he's a sterling composer whose music will have you telling your friends about the album." 
- Sunday Journal, NM


"Parable makes you wish that McCann was playing down the street so you could run over and check this chameleon out - he is definitely that compelling." 
- Jazztimes magazine 

"...McCann is a multitasking dynamo as he switch hits between blazing guitar pyrotechnics and clear-toned, fleet fingered jazz soloing." 
- www.allaboutjazz